Lanesville High School Cheerleading & Tennis

Creating leaders in our school and community

We are very proud of our cheer program at Lanesville and for good reason! Our squads put in so much time with community events, growing school spirit, being a competitive cheer team, teaching the younger generations about cheer, being great students and role models, and so much more! As we like to say......we aren't JUST cheerleaders.  We cheer at approximately 35+ girls' and boys' basketball games, put on pep rallies, support other sports outside of basketball, lead our community in school pride and stay very busy during our 11 month long season! The support of our community through events such as this vehicle show help us pay to attend camp, purchase equipment and uniforms, fund our game themes and pep rallies, provide gifts to Senior players and for post-season good luck bags, and continue to build small school spirit in hundreds of other ways.